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  • Amazing Dad Hamper

    Its that time of the year when we all get to tell our Dad's how amazing we thing they are...and how better to do that than we sweets?! This hamper contains a whole host of goodies that will bring a smile to any Dad's face...its got jellies and bonbons, toffees and chews plus a whole lot more! In fact its got 10 different types of sweets which in total make at least 1kg (we say at least as you may get a little more!) meaning there's plenty for dad and maybe even some left over to share! Each hamper contains: 100g x Jelly Pint Pots 100g x Wine Gums 100g x American Hard Gums 100g Liquorice Comfits 100g x Mint Toffee 100g x Fruit Salad & Black Jack Chew Mix 100g x Cola Cubes 100g x Blue Raspberry Bonbons 100g x Foam Bananas 100g x Raspberry & Blackberry Pips Don't fret though if this isn't your dad's cup of tea...why not have a look at our Father's Day Hamper instead! The hamper measures 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 15cm and is finished off with a bow and a label especially for Father’s Day – making a perfect gift! At times we may be out of stock of a particular sweet (not often), when this is the case we will include a suitable substitute of the same great taste and quality!
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  • Barnips

    These may be small but they pack a punch - liquorice, menthol and eucalyptus in flavour these are perfectly soothing for throat and chests! We were asked by a local choir to get these as they found them to be the best - we can't promise they'll make you sing better but they're definitely worth a try!
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  • Black and White Liquorice Mints

    A perfect mix of liquorice and mint sandwiched together in these black and white squares - if you love liquorice and you love mints well then this is quite simply perfect for you! 200g
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  • Blackcurrant & Liquorice

    This may not be the first combination of flavours you would put together but they really do work! The sweetness of the blackcurrant perfectly complements the liquorice taste as you savour the sweet.
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  • Catherine Wheels

    A wonderful long, thin piece of liquorice wrapped around a colourful jelly button creates this all time favourite! This price is for 5 Catherine wheels!
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  • Cherry Wheels

    Similar to the liquorice wheels but these ones have a cherry flavour! Whether you choose to eat them coiled or unroll to make them into a long lace we're sure you'll agree they're yummy!
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  • Jar of Liquorice Allsorts

    You can never just eat one liquorice allsort and why should you have to?!  Well now you don't...you can have a jar full of them! The jar is approximately 23cm tall with a diameter of 9cm and holds at least 600g of allsorts, although to be honest you'll probably get a lot more...the perfect gift for an allsorts fan!
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  • Jelly Buttons

    Jelly Buttons...Horse Cakes...Spogs - three names for one sweet, they must be good! You might recognise these from liquorice allsorts or Catherine wheels - well they're SO good that they are also a sweet in their own right!  So now you can but these aniseed flavour jellies to enjoy all by themselves...
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  • Jumbo Jar of Liquorice

    We know someone who would love this jar and we bet you do too!!  There are SOOOO many types of liquorice out there that we couldn't possibly get them all in one jar BUT we have tried to put a nice selection together in this one for you! This jar is filled to burst and has at least 2kg of liquorice inside - but to be honest you're likely to be getting more then this! This jar contains: Pontefract Cakes Liquorice Pipes Liquorice Flyers Liquorice Toffee Liquorice Cuttings Liquorice Torpedoes Liquorice Allsorts Cherry Wheels Liquorice Wheels Jelly Buttons Liquorice Cream Rock Catherine Wheels Phew...thats a lot of liquorice! Sometimes we might be out of a sweet (not very often) if this is the case we'll replace it with one of the same great taste and quality!
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