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Retro Selection Box


We all love a bit if retro and we find our retro gifts are by far one of the favourites with our customers of all ages so we’ve made it into a little gift box too!

This selection includes:

  • Mini Love Hearts
  • Black Jacks
  • Fruit Salads
  • Candy Necklaces
  • Alphabet Letters
  • Anglo Bubbly
  • Shrimps
  • Flying Saucers

Each box is approximately 16cm x 16cm x 4cm and comes tied with a ribbon

At times we may be out of stock of a particular sweet (not often), when this is the case we will include a suitable substitute of the same of great taste and quality. 

Please note due to the nature of this item although all our sweets have a minimum of  a BBE of 6 months we supply a BBE date advising it to be opened and consumed within 8 weeks of purchase.

Out of stock