Large Sugar Free Sweet Jar


Lots of people enjoy our sugar free range – whether it be for medical reasons or because you love your sweets but want to watch you waistline, whatever the reason this jar’s for you!

Our Sugar Free Range contains great tasting sweets which you would never know were sugar free if we hadn’t told you and we’ve put a selection in this jar for you…we hope you’ll like them!

The jar contains at least 1.2kg but you’re likely to find its got even more than this!

The contents include:

  • Sugar Free Chocolate Limes
  • Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons
  • Sugar Free Everton Mints
  • Sugar Free Blackcurrant & Liquorice
  • Sugar Free Spearmint Chews
  • Sugar Free Fruit Drops
  • Sugar Free Pear Drops
  • Sugar Free Fruit Salad Chews

The jar is 13cm in diameterĀ andĀ makes a great present….it can have all kind of uses after too (although you might just want to keep filling it with sweets – we wouldn’t blame you!)

Occasionally (not very often) we may run out of a particular sweet, if this is the case we’ll substitute it with another of the same great taste and quality.

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