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Jumbo Jar of Liquorice


We know someone who would love this jar and we bet you do too!! ¬†There are SOOOO many types of liquorice out there that we couldn’t possibly get them all in one jar BUT we have tried to put a nice selection together in this one for you!

This jar is filled to burst and has at least¬†2kg of liquorice inside – but to be honest you’re likely to be getting more then this!

This jar contains:

  • Pontefract Cakes
  • Liquorice Pipes
  • Liquorice Flyers
  • Liquorice Toffee
  • Liquorice Cuttings
  • Liquorice Torpedoes
  • Liquorice Allsorts
  • Cherry Wheels
  • Liquorice Wheels
  • Jelly Buttons
  • Liquorice Cream Rock
  • Catherine Wheels

Phew…thats a lot of liquorice!

Sometimes we might be out of a sweet (not very often) if this is the case we’ll replace it with one of the same great taste and quality!

Out of stock

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