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Jumbo Jar of Chewy Sweets


How this for a selection of chewy sweets…it contains a minimum of 2kg of them (although its more then likely you’ll get more than that!) so we don’t recommend eating them all at once as you’ll end up with aching gums!!

This jar holds a whole host of chewy sweets – from jellies and gums to bon bons and toffees you’ll find them in here!

The contents of this jar are:

  • Fruit Salad Chews
  • Black Jack Chews
  • Blue Raspberry Bon Bons
  • Watermelon Bon Bons
  • Stinger Chew Bars
  • Vimto Chew Bars
  • Toffee Whirls
  • Wine Gums
  • Jelly Babies
  • Strawberry Bon Bons
  • Toffee Bon Bons
  • Black & Red Gums
  • Giant Fruit Jellies
  • Refresher Chews

That’s a lot of sweets, but that’s why we called it our ‘Jumbo Jar’!!

Out of stock