Jelly & Gum Sweet Hamper


For those of us that love jelly sweets this is most definately the hamper to have – 10 different jelly and gum sweets weighing an amazing 1.25kg (probably even more!!)

You can’t go wrong with this one, the hampers itself is 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 15cm and filled to the brim with a whole array to choose from and then finished with a nice ribbon – its one of our favourites!

This hamper contains:

  • 125g x Wine Gums
  • 125g x Jelly Babies
  • 125g x Fizzy Cola Bottles
  • 125g x Sour Cherries
  • 125g x Jelly Beans
  • 125g x Heart Throbs
  • 125g x Fruit Pastilles
  • 125g x American Hard Gums
  • 125g x Black & Red Gums
  • 125g x Goldbears

At times we may be out of stock of a particular sweet (not often), when this is the case we will include a suitable substitute of the sameĀ great taste and quality!

In stock