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Choco-tastic Chocolate Hamper

Choco-tastic Chocolate Hamper


A whole box full of chocolatey delights…this hamper contains it all – chocolate bars, raisins, nuts, fudge…we could go on but you’ll see it all in the contents list so all we’ll say is if you know a chocolate fan then this hamper’s for you!

This hamper box measures 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 15cm and is finished off with a bow – making a perfect gift!

This hamper contains:

  • 1 x Galaxy Block
  • 100g x Milk Chocolate Covered Raisin
  • 100g x Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts
  • 100g Chocolate Flavoured Fudge
  • 2 x Chocolate Bars
  • 100g x White & Pink Chocolate Mice mix
  • 100g x Jazzies
  • 100g x Snowies
  • 100g x Chewing Nuts
  • 1 x Freddo
  • 1 x Chomp Bar
  • 1 x Fudge Bar
  • 100g x Chocolate Beans

At time we may be out of stock of a particular sweet (not often), when this is the case we will include a suitable substitute of the same great taste and quality!

In stock

Jazzies: Sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from milk), Wheat flour (with added calcium; iron; niacin; thiamine), Wheat starch, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier: Soya lecithin; glucose syrup, natural flavourings, natural colours: carotenes, betanin, anthocyanins, chlorophyllin; glazing agent: beeswax

Allergens: Contains MILK, SOYA and WHEAT

Snowies: Sugar, Palm oil, Whey Powder (from milk), Wheat Flour (with added calcium; iron; niacin; thiamine), Wheat Starch, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin; Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavourings, Natural Colours: Carotenes; Betanin; Anthocyanins; Chlorophyllin; Glazing agent: Beeswax

Allergens:  Contains MILK, SOYA and WHEAT


Milk Chocolate Covered  Raisins: Milk Chocolate (58%), (Sugar, Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat (palm MB), Whey (Milk), Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin (E322), Glazing Agents: Gum Arabic, Shellac E904).

Raisins (42%) Cocoa solids 20% minimum Milk solids 20% minimum,

Milk chocolate contains vegetable fat in addition to cocoa butter.

Allergens: contains MILK. May contain nuts and peanuts

Chocolate covered Peanuts: Milk Chocolate (52%) (Sugar, Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat (palm MB), Whey (milk), Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin (E322), Glazing Agents: Gu, Arabic, Shellac E904.)

Peanuts (48%), Cocoa solids 20% minimum; Milk solids 20% minimum.

Milk chocolate contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter

Allergens: Contains MILK and PEANUTSMay contain nuts

Chewing Nuts: Glucose syrup, full cream sweetened condensed milk (whole milk sugar), chocolate flavoured coating (18%)(sugar; palm oil; whey powder (milk); maize starch; fat reduced cocoa powder; emulsifiers: soya lecithin; polyglycerol polyricinoleate); flavouring), sugar, palm oil, salt, emulsifier (mono and di glycerides of fatty acids), flavouring.

Allergens: Contains MILK and SOYA.  May contain nuts

White Mice: Sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from milk), wheat flour (with added calcium; iron; niacin; thiamine), emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural flavourings.

Allergens: Contains MILK, WHEAT and SOYA

Chocolate Flavoured Mice: Sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from milk), wheat flour, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural flavourings

Allergens: Contains MILK, SOYA and WHEAT

Galaxy Chocolate Block: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed milk powder, Cocoa mass, Milk fat, Lactose and protein from whey (from milk), Whey powder (from milk), Palm fat, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin), Natural Vanilla Extract.

Allergens: Contains MILK and SOYA

Fudge Bar: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Dried skimmed milk, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Dried whey (from milk), Milk fat, Emulsifiers (E471, E442), Sodium bicarbonate, Salt, Flavourings

Allergens: Contains MILK

Chomp Bar: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Vegetable fats (palm, shea), Glucose-fructose syrup, Dries Skimmed milk, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Dried whey (from milk), Milk fat, Emulsifiers (Sunflower lecithin, E471, E442), Salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Flavourings.

Allergens: Contains MILK

Freddo: Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa mass, Vegetable fats (palm, shea), Emulsifiers (E442, E476), Flavourings.

Allergens: Contains MILK.  May contain nuts and wheat

Picnic: Sugar, Peanuts, Glucose-fructose Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Wheat flour (with added calcium, iron, niacin, thiamin), Dried grapes, Palm oil, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Skimmed milk powder, Whey powder (from milk), Whey permeate powder (from milk), Rice flour, Milk fat, Emusifiers (E442, sunflower lecithin, E476, E471, soya lecithin, Salt, Barley malt extract, Maize flour, Flavourings, Anti-caking AGent (E170), Raising Agents (E500, E503), Milk proteins.

Allergens: Contains PEANUTS, WHEAT, MILK, SOYA.  May contain nuts, egg.

Flake: Milk, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Vegetable fats (palm, shea), Emulsifier (E442), Flavourings.

Allergens: Contains MILK


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